The Agility advantage

At Agility, you can bank on a custom-built team of your own design to deliver the results you want.

Experienced guidance

Why Agility? When you work with us you work directly with one of our four founders.

We are successful because, as owners of the business, we have the Philippines-based outsourcing experience to deliver on your goals.

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A boost to your business

Fantastic People. Highly-educated, experienced, hardworking staff who will fully integrate with your in-country team.

No loss of productivity. Your Philippines-based staff will deliver at least the same productivity at the expected quality as your in-country employees.

Cost effective. In most cases, you can expect your outsourced team to save you at least 50% on operational expenses compared to an in-country team. That’s a cost-effective way to improve your business returns.

Risk management. Adding great people at a significantly lower cost can allow you to build your team in advance of expected business growth, minimizing your risk.

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You are in control. Your team reports to your in-country management who tasks and manages their day-to-day productivity and quality. Our operations managers work with you as necessary for you to get the best out of your team.

Global advantage. Outsourcing allows you to have people that can work across time zones using your proven systems to deliver results.