Dress Your Team Leader

Our hard-working remote teams are always focused on their jobs, but every now and then, we encourage them to let out steam and simply have fun. Toward the end of June, we launched a fun activity that would unleash their creativity and foster cooperation. “Dress Your Team Leader” isn’t just about the TLs getting the spotlight, it’s more of a showcase on how a team can come together for an impressive presentation!

Our offshore staff comprised of skilled professionals used their talent, this time in bringing themes to life through their TLs, whom they dressed as a focal character, and decorations to their areas as backdrop for what they represent. There were: a sassy MMDA officer, a construction worker (a rich one, the team joked), a fresh-looking farmer (with a basket of flowers, no less), a chill professor, a diligent cleaning lady, a police officer looking like a cast-off from the Village People, a swaggerrific detective, a dark nun (okay, a priestess) who looked to be fighting evil, a nurse and a doctor in opposing teams, a knife-wielding Japanese chef, and out-of-this-world astronaut, and a really tired and overworked fisherwoman. In the end, those that won exempiflied unmistakable group effort—because team work makes the dream work!

Kudos to our Agility-Healthscope teams!