Healthscope-Agility hinges offshore staff productivity on company work-life balance

The company throws epic first sports fest to prove its people can ball (and spike)!

Pampanga, Philippines – Healthscope-Agility held its inaugural company sports fest in April this year participated in by hundreds of the company’s offshore staff, and let’s just say it was a slam dunk (pun intended) for employee morale! This wasn’t your average spreadsheet showdown – it was an afternoon of friendly competition, fostering camaraderie, and proving that Healthscope-Agility’s remote staff isn’t just skilled, they’re athletic superstars, too.

More Than Just Work

This Sports Fest wasn’t just about bragging rights, though the Red Team definitely earned theirs as champions! It’s part of the company’s commitment to balancing the challenges of work with extraneous activities like sporting competitions and other events for its employees. It understands happy, engaged employees are the key to success. When offshore staffing is done right, with a focus on employee well-being, it leads to a highly productive and cost-efficient team. When employees feel valued and have a chance to blow off steam and bond with colleagues, they come back to work energized and focused on crushing client goals.

Employee Wellness Wins

From MVPs like Igbinovia Markins (Basketball) and Henry Sales (Volleyball) to the “Mythical 5” basketball crew, Healthscope-Agility’s got some serious talent on their team. But the real win is for everyone who participated. Events like this promote employee well-being, which translates to company loyalty and lower churn rates. That’s a win-win for both Healthscope-Agility and their clients, who benefit from a stable team that manages deep institutional knowledge well and one that consistently delivers high-quality results. This is proven with numerous commendations its clients receive from patients Healthscope-Agility’s staff serve.

See You on the Court (or Courtside)

A big congratulations to all the champions, runners-up, and everyone who participated! Here’s to many more epic Sports Fests in the future. We can’t wait to see what Healthscope-Agility’s all-star employees do next!

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