Boosting Wellness for Desk-Dwellers

We’re sure you’ve been told this before, but let’s all embark on a journey to sprinkle some health and happiness into our sedentary work lives, armed with tips, tricks, and a sprinkle of humor to keep health issues at bay. So, grab your green tea, stretch those typing fingers, and let’s dive into the world of workplace wellness with a wink and a smile.

Get moving!

Tired of feeling like a chair-bound superhero that only saves the day within the confines of your cubicle? Take advantage of the time when you’re away from your swivel chair. For instance: parking farther away from the building is a chance to do a bit of warm-up before work. And let’s not forget the thrill of taking on a few sets the stairs where you can pretend to be climbing Kilimanjaro. Now, at lunch, you could also take some time off for a brisk walk around the building to nearby areas. Or, if you need to chat with a colleague, why not stroll down the hall to the water cooler for a face-to-face instead of sending an email or text? Think of all the bonus points you get for office bonding and muscle motion! So come up with creative ways to move more in and around your work area.

Water is the way

In the world of desk jobs, staying hydrated is like having a trusty sidekick that keeps you healthy and focused. Plus, it gives you an excuse to indulge in those colorful water bottles you see on sale in malls and make that thousand-peso purchase your favorite office companion. Sipping on water throughout your workday offers a plethora of perks—from keeping your joints and tissues in tip-top shape to banishing those pesky headaches away. As a bonus, those trips to the bathroom will have you moving more frequently, helping you stay a bit more active.  

Do your desk-xercise

Desk-xercise is the art of working out at your desk without breaking a sweat (well, almost) or disputing your work or colleagues. Aim for one desk-xercise break per hour if you can. Take deep breaths, do eye exercises, run through some simple stretches. They are a fun and helpful way to stay active an energized throughout your workday. You can either ask your physical therapist for an individualized program or do online research for what suits your needs and space. 

Step it up

Ever wonder how many steps you take in a day when you are mostly confined in a space dealing with one desk-bound task at a time? Enter the pedometer: a trusty sidekick that measures your daily step count. Now, if you are imaginative, you can turn this into a real-life one-person video game for which you try to beat your daily scores. Or you could form a league and recruit your closest colleagues for step-count tourneys every week with winners receiving simple prizes. Either way, research shows that wearing a pedometer can work wonders for your daily walking activity—after all, motivation to move is never a bad thing.  Now, you don’t have to spend much on these gadgets. There are plenty of affordable online and in stores. Just slip it on and let the magic begin. 

Don’t let the achy break ye

Picture this:  you’re at your desk battling the forces of spreadsheets when, suddenly, a twinge of pain strikes. (Cue dramatic music!) It’s like the supervillain coming again to stealing your focus, productivity, and even your sunny disposition (okay… let’s assume you have one). But you are a mighty desk warrior and you need to battle this one. Do not ignore nagging pain. We all know sitting for hours on end can be as harmful as battling a horde of office memos! Have that checkup to diagnose and manage those underlying health issues. Visit a physical therapist, those movement wizards that are trained to stir up your body’s natural healing superpowers and prescribe ergonomic tweaks to transform your office into a wellness wonderland that will boost your posture, core strength, and overall health to help you function like a well-oiled machine both on and off the clock. 

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