Work Memes You Can Relate To (Oscars 2024 Edition)

The Oscars just happened and there were a lot of things that people unpacked and discussed online. But like most people in the workforce, you were either at work on the day it aired or going back later in the day. 

So of course, those memorable moments will live on… and some in the form of memes. We found a few work-related ones that we hope would help you feel seen when you are cozied up at your work area.

There are still a few hold-outs on on-site work, and a few still debate the advantages and disadvantages of being back in the office full-time, there are a few reasons going back to the office post-pandemic is ideal for some systems in place: 

  • A feeling that one is an integral part of the company
  • Easier training people in person
  • Collaboration isn’t hindered by unstable communication tools
  • Ease out the feelings of isolation
  • First-hand mentorship

Here are some Oscar 2024-themed work memes we found that you may nevertheless relate to now that on-site work is again the norm… all in the spirit of fun:

1. All of us when we feel a little overwhelmed

Truly, sometimes we have no other recourse but to just stare off into space… 

On the other hand, if you’re the type that welcomes challenges, being picked to lead a project or take on new responsibilities where you can learn more is just the opportunity you need to show what you are made of. 

2. Some days are just that long… 

There really are days that go from “yay” to “nay” so quick we just wish they would end sooner than it would. Maybe we’re just tired. Maybe we’re just feeling a little deflated. 

Hang in there, bestie. Not every day will feel like this. 

3. When you’re the master of your craft

There are indeed those who can whip up seeming miracles like a boss! Or, possibly, they just don’t give up or slow down in the face of multiple distress calls. When every issue raised has been ticked off, it can be smooth-sailing until it’s time to punch out.

4. When you just need a little pick-me-up

There’s an old adage that advises people to “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” (Andrea Sachs from “The Devil Wears Prada” is waving!). While this is empowering, note that we are advising against dressing inappropriately at work!

You could, however, take a meme like this and daydream about what character you want to dress up as even if it’s not Halloween, just for the fun of it. We must say, though, this meme gives Roman God vibes—lounging around and being fed grapes all day. 

5. When you are a rock star!

There are some of us that really has the job down pat. Some of us really just can work our charm on people or give them such a positive experience that we get a much-appreciated shoutout from clients. 

This takes practice. And patience. And yes, you will get there if you still haven’t. 

6. Be-frazzled but be fabulous!

Work can pile up. People can complain. You can make mistakes. Managers can call you out. Indeed, some days can get more stressful than others. 

You may get frazzled but at the end of the day, when you nail it… you nail it. You can always take a break and fix yourself up in the bathroom! Coffee also helps. 

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