Here are the winners for the "Be An Inspiration" contest for 2023

In July 2023, we launched the “Be An Inspiration” contest and asked out staff members to send in inspirational quotes or perhaps personal mantra that they live by. We wanted to put up some of the best quotes they come up with around the office to inspire everyone at work every day. Besides, those white walls don’t really offer the best view. We’ve chosen the winning submissions that compelled us the most. 

Winner: Melodes Aviles

11. Nikki Boy Jimenez - be an inspiration contest 2023

Nikki Boy Jimenez

Winner: VJ Keith Olino

17. Jessica Chan - be an inspiration contest 2023

Winner: Jessie Chan

22. Shem B Cruz - be an inspiration contest 2023

Winner: Shem B Cruz

36. Ma Theresa Balanay - be an inspiration contest 2023

Winner: Ma Theresa Balanay

Winner: Irish Estiler

Winner: Ricalyn Rodriguez

Winner: Floyd Jerimie Sanchez

Winner: VJ Keith Olino


We are grateful for the amazing images of photographer Karen Brough, who allowed us to use some of her stunning work included in her portfolio.