Outsourcing through offshoring

Offshoring: Outsourcing offshore to the Philippines allows you to double or triple your workforce at no extra cost! Through technology, offshoring allows seamless contact between you and your employees all working as one team with your onshore staff.

Why the Philippines?

The Philippines has developed a huge outsourcing industry driven by a large, highly educated population with good English skills. The Philippines is very westernized, having been an American colony in its past, and is the third largest English-speaking country in the world. All employees engaged in outsourcing to major foreign markets work multiple time zones, with around 75% of the 1.2 million staff of outsourcing providers working nights to cater to the US and Canadian markets. Employees can be tasked to work the hours you require.

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Why Agility?

Your outsourcing journey will begin working with either Rob or Peter, our principal founders. They will guide you through your outsourcing journey. There are no stupid questions so feel free to ask away! While Agility has a large management team, Rob or Peter will remain your principal contacts always. If you have any questions or concerns at any time, they will be the people you go to. You deal directly with the owners of the business. They run the business this way as they want a personal relationship with all of our clients who appreciate that as a major point of difference we offer.

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Premium hiring

We work hard to find the best people, reward them well and have built a supportive ‘family’ culture. This results in a workforce that sticks and vastly reduces churn (our churn is less than 3% per annum). If you are looking to save the very last dollar then we are not the right partner for you. But beware, churn is your enemy so choose your offshoring partner carefully. We offer you a pathway to build a stable, high-quality agile workforce reducing your outsourcing risk.

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Full-Time Employees

Another important aspect to hiring in the Philippines we have embraced is to provide employees with full-time employment, meaning more secure, happier employees (and again, less churn). There are substantial costs and potential penalties attached to this. Thus, most outsourcing companies hire people on short term contracts that limit their costs and liability.

You are in charge

You never lose control. You can interview and choose your people from recommendations we make through our HR recruitment process or allow us to choose for you. If someone doesn’t work out, we will seamlessly replace them at no cost to you. Our employee contracts require a 90-day notice period ensuring seamless replacement. Your management has full control of the work product of your employees, including tasking, managing productivity and quality. Our operations managers work seamlessly with yours to ensure you get the best out of your people.

Office or work from home jobs?

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3d illustration of work from home setup

You can choose whether your employee(s) work in one of our offices or works from home, subject to the employee having a proper dedicated space allowing them to do so. The work from home option delivers you the cost saving associated with an office seat (we provide the employee with a utilities allowance for the WFH option).


Employee Costs

The cost of your employees will depend on the role and experience you require. You can use our Cost Calculator to determine the approximate cost. We charge you this cost per person per month. This cost covers the hard wages and wage on-costs and all the soft costs, such as office, equipment, utilities and a wide range of staff costs.



We will work with your IT team to ensure seamless connection to your IT and telephony systems. For smaller clients who may not have VoIP phone capability, we will provide an in-country local phone number on our VoIP system.


Your staff stick

Unlike some firms in the offshoring space, the team we help you build is yours for the life of your contract. We do not move people from one client to help build a team with a starting core of experience for another client.


Data security

Outsourced staff work in your systems connected through a secure VPN with no need for your data to be held outside your home country. For US healthcare related offshoring, we train our staff in HIPAA and HITECH and our offices follow strict healthcare privacy related protocols.



Once you are ready to proceed, we will send you a draft contract to review. For those new to outsourcing, we always offer a six-month pilot period before the contract is locked in. Most usually we contract for a three-year period post the successful pilot.