5 Key Factors in Choosing your Outsourcing Partner

Outsourcing vendors will all tell you pretty much the same thing: the right service provider will help you cut cost and grow your business.

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Outsourcing vendors will all tell you pretty much the same thing: the right service provider will help you cut cost and grow your business. Pro tip: What they should highlight is that a business is only as strong as the people you build it with. Having great workers makes your business robust and resilient. While the bottom line defines success, there are other key factors to consider when choosing an offshoring or outsourcing company that’s a right fit for you.

People are the key

Quality outsourcing or offshoring companies pride themselves in offering qualified and highly skilled workers. They will find you highly motivated workers with great work ethic. Of course, these companies should define skilled workers as those having or showing the knowledge, ability, or training not only to perform an activity or task, but to do them well even if they are off-site. Partnering up with a company that gives you the ability to hire excellent workers can help you adapt to changes and square off with the challenges a highly dynamic business setting brings.

Company culture

Check on the management team of the outsourcing or offshoring company you want to work with. A right mix of leadership, guidance, fairness, and compassion for people in their ranks reflect a more stable company. This makes highly skilled staff feel valued and won’t quit in the middle of your engagement. Ask the provider for their churn rate, or the rate at which employees leave. A low churn rate assures you business continuity. These days, employees are also looking for work from home jobs, so an outsourcing or offshoring setup can be beneficial to your business, and give you access to a wider talent pool.

Quality is king

These days, offshore or outsource firms offer multidisciplinary services that can greatly help your operations. Rather than hiring locally for every role and watching your overhead expenses grow, you can fill up your staffing requirements with highly skilled workers at less cost. However, remember that in cuttting cost, cheaper isn’t always better. Look instead at the quality of the people your vendor is recommending to integrate with your team so they can function as one to achieve your goals.

Aligned business goals

Define your business goals when you are considering outsourcing or offshoring. From this, you can already outline the roles you want to outsource and determine how your offshore team will synch up with your business processes. To ensure that you are onboarding with a true partner and not just paying for their services, look for the right outsouring or offshoring partner who measures their success on your company’s success—your partner in profit.

Look who’s talking

The crucial element in engaging an outsourcing company is who you can speak with not just during the sales pitch but the onboarding process as well, and—more importantly—at any point after that. This is especially critical when outsourcing and offshoring. Look for a company whose key officials have hands-on experience, and who take the time to know your concerns and act on them. In rare instances, you’ll find the right service provider that prides itself in having its owners/founders handle your account in true partnership with you. You can’t grow your business any better than that.