Why Agility

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Rob Brough - Principle Founder and CEO
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#1 We've done it before

Many years ago, our CEO boarded a plane to the Philippines and built teams from scratch to support his Southern California DME. As a result, he reduced his staffing costs by $6M and saved his business during an economic downturn while others closed. We can talk the talk, and we can also walk the walk.

#2 Work directly with our founders

We not only understand offshore staffing, we understand the core of what it takes for small to medium businesses to survive in today’s competitive marketplace. Work directly with senior leadership who speak your language.

#3 We have over 13 year's experience

There’s a lot that comes with doing this over a decade. Skills. Knowledge. Stability. Not only from our founders, but from the Filipino employees who have been here from the start and are ready to help you make the transition.

#4 We're based in the Philippines

The Philippines is the heart of global outsourcing. Here there is a highly educated population, great English skills, and a culture fit thanks to the Philippines past history as an American colony.

#5 Save up to 70%

There are many reasons to consider offshore staffing – a big one for many clients is building a team that performs to the same level as your onshore employees, at 50-70% reduced cost.

#6 We're HIPAA and HI-TECH compliant

We’re a great fit for healthcare companies and other businesses that require extra sensitivity to data management and protection of patient and customer information.

#7 We legally employ your team

We handle all the paperwork – compliance, tax, and statutory requirements – legally employing your team and following all requirements of the Philippines government.

#8 Happy, healthy employees

As a premium offshore staffing provider, Agility provides all team member equitable salaries commensurate with experience, HMO health insurance plans that cover their families, and regular team-building events and achievement awards.

#9 Industry-low churn rates <3%

Our staff retention rates and industry-low churn are a testament to our commitment to employee health and happiness.

#10 Access the global talent pool

The major competitors in your industry are likely outsourcing jobs offshore. Offshoring is no longer restricted to the big guys, you too can access the global talent pool and significant cost savings.

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Rob and Oliver presenting an award

Whether you’re starting a 5-10 person pilot program with us, or moving a full 50 jobs, all of our clients receive Agility’s package of support services:

Access to our founders – work directly with our founders on oversight of your offshoring program, ensuring your continued success.

Recruitment – we’ll help you find top tier Filipino talent and if you’re looking to fill backoffice roles, we likely already have team members ready to go.

Human Resources – we recruit and legally hire your team, ensuring all compliance, tax and statutory obligations are met.

Quality Assurance – our onsite QA manager helps onboard and train your employees and advise on best practices for productivity.

Employee Engagement – we keep all team members happy and engaged through regular events, including our annual black tie Agility Kick Off Party, and weekly, monthly and quarterly awards.

All equipment provided – all in-office staff are equipped with Windows-based systems with dual monitors and noise canceling headphones.

Enterprise-grade security protocols – all client data remains on client servers, we do not store any data locally.

Dedicated IT – our staff IT team helps connect your systems your offshore team with ticketing systems to maximize your team’s uptime.

Build your A-Team today.

Build your
A-Team today.