Hire full-time remote Marketers in the Philippines.

From generalized Marketing Managers to specialists in SEO, Social, Copywriting and Web, access top tier global talent with Agility.

Look no further.

Supplement your onshore marketing team with offshore talent and save up to 70% of staffing costs. Depending the role, your team can: 

Desire vs Hire

The Philippines has a highly educated population of fantastic people. Recruit experienced, hardworking staff who will fully integrate with your onshore team at savings of up to 80% of staffing costs. Below is a real-life example of a client brief vs the candidate recruited by Agility.


We are looking for a semi-senior accountant (strong mid-level person) who can take a client’s end year set of books and prepare tax returns.

Bachelors degree at a minimum.

Must have Quickbooks experience and would be great if they knew Caseware and ATX for tax prep.

Hired Candidate

No recruiting fees.
No deposit required.

Leader in voice work

In the Philippines, English is taught as a second language from primary school onwards. Our staff speak college-level English with a Filipino accent. We have over a decade’s experience hiring for English language skills, listen to some of our fantastic team member’s voice samples below.




Any role where staff work from home is a role that can be offshored. Read about it on the Wall Street Journal: The Next Wave of Remote Work is About Outsourcing Jobs Overseas

You can save up to 70% compared to onshore staffing costs. There are higher savings for more complex or senior roles, for example, higher savings are possible for an architect than a back office admin.

On average, it takes 4-8 weeks to recruit and hire a team, depending on the roles, level of seniority, and how many staff are needed.

For certain back office roles we keep a pool of candidates and can activate in as little as two weeks. Have a specific need? Get in touch.

Your team will work in your time zone, or whatever hours you specify. There are 1.4 million BPO workers in the Philippines and culture is built around 24-hour life. 75% of BPO workers work for US-based businesses and working nights for US business hours is very common. Office hubs, restaurants, stores, and public transport are available at all hours of the day.

Our employee offices are located in Metro Manila and Angeles City:

Agility Office #1 – City of Pasig, Metro Manila

Suite 22nd Floor, Tycoon Building Pearl Drive,
Ortigas Central Business District (CBD),
Pasig City, Philippines 1600

Agility Office #2 – Angeles City, Pampanga

Level 15 eNTEC2 Building, Nepo Center,
Teresa Avenue, Angeles City, Philippines 2009

All in-office staff are equipped with Windows-based systems with dual monitors and noise canceling headphones. Our offices have high capacity dedicated internet lines into the USA capable of voice and data, with a backup line from a second provider if required. Work From Home employees’ equipment is provided on a case-by-case basis. 

We use dedicated VPNs to access client systems and do not keep client data on our servers. Staff use client-supplied VoIP, email, and Slack. We operate strictly to USA HIPAA and HITECH compliance standards and are ISO 20071 certification pending.

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Build your
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